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Welcome to What2Log


What2Log started out as a passion project when we noticed a pretty major gap in information surrounding computer logging. We all know that logging is important for a variety of reasons and not just in the wake of an attack, so this lack of information was pretty eye-opening. We decided to change this and started compiling all that we could on computer logs and thus What2Log (or W2L) was born. What2Log is an ongoing project of InfoSec Innovations.

About The Logs

What2Log is a resource of OS's, their built in tools, and their built in logs simplified so any user can understand how and why to view them. Logs are often seen as a chore, but we wanted to get rid of that idea. Logs can give a user a lot of really important information and we wanted to highlight that.

The Future

We know it's incomplete, but that is where we are turning to community suggestions and advice. We want this to be a reference that people can give feedback on so that we can help grow this. We have pretty ambitious plans with some future expansions and tools in the works, but we want to hear from you.
With future plans to include more Operating Systems and a scripting system, W2L is an ambitious project.

We'd love to see you get involved! We are on Reddit and Twitter, so please come join in the conversation.